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Wake-Up Slap
Wake-Up Slap
Move information:
Fighting-Type icon Physical move Single target icon
Power icon 60 Cooldown icon 1.2s Accuracy icon 100%
Additional Effects:

This attack inflicts big damage on a sleeping target. It also wakes the target up, however.


Power doubles if target is slept, then the target wakes.

Move TemplateEdit

Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target

Wake-Up Slap Fighting-Type Physical move 60(120) 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Move power will be doubled if target is asleep. But target wakes up when this move hits.

Learned ByEdit

Level UpEdit

Pokemon that learn Wake-Up Slap by levelup
Picture Name Level
035 normal icon Clefairy Level 22
036 normal icon Clefable Level 26
039 normal icon Jigglypuff Level 41
040 normal icon Wigglytuff Level 44
060 normal icon Poliwag Level 35
061 normal icon Poliwhirl Level 43
062 normal icon Poliwrath Level 44
066 normal icon Machop Level 37
067 normal icon Machoke Level 40
068 normal icon Machamp Level 40
124 normal icon Jynx Level 33
186 normal icon Politoed Level 50
241 normal icon Miltank Level 55
296 normal icon Makuhita Level 34
297 normal icon Hariyama Level 42
300 normal icon Skitty Level 32
301 normal icon Delcatty Level 39
478 normal icon Froslass Level 28
532 normal icon Timburr Level 20
533 normal icon Gurdurr Level 20
534 normal icon Conkeldurr Level 20
572 normal icon Minccino Level 31
573 normal icon Cinccino Level 36
594 normal icon Alomomola Level 29
648 normal icon Meloetta Level 50

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