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Stage Chapter: Introduction
Stage Type Defend Iza!

Description Edit

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

As soon as Noah steps outside, he meets with Iza. Iza's family runs up and explains to Iza (and Noah) why they can't see each other, and why they have to leave town, right now. Iza runs away, and Noah finds her first, but a Bulbasaur comes out of the tall grass and protects Iza (at least Bulbasaur thinks he is). After the fight, Bulbasaur gets injured. They give him a potion. After hanging out a bit, Noah heads home and talks to his dad. He is sent to the Hoenn Pokemon Acadamy.

Layout Edit

Layout truth


The boss Bulbasaur is level 30, Magikarp is level 10, and the rest are all level 15.

Pokemon That Appear in Truth
Picture Name Rarity Wave
001 normal icon Bulbasaur Boss 1-10
001 normal icon Bulbasaur Rare 1-10
010 normal icon Caterpie Common 1-10
019 normal icon Rattata Common 1-10
043 normal icon Oddish Common 1-10
046 normal icon Paras Common 1-10
069 normal icon Bellsprout Common 1-10
120 normal icon Staryu Rare 1-10
129 normal icon Magikarp Rare 1-10

Secrets Edit

As of PTD 1.5, if you bring an Elemental Grass, Bug, Ice, or Steel Pokemon. Fire Pokemon will replace all of the Pokemon. The waves will also change from 10 to 20.

Pokemon That Appears in Truth's Secret
Picture Name Rarity Wave
001 normal icon Bulbasaur Boss 1-20
004 normal icon Charmander Rare 1-20
037 normal icon Vulpix Common 1-20
058 normal icon Growlithe Common 1-20
077 normal icon Ponyta Common 1-20
155 normal icon Cyndaquil Rare 1-20
218 normal icon Slugma Common 1-20
228 normal icon Houndour Common 1-20
322 normal icon Numel Common 1-20

Trivia Edit

  • When using Transform on the Boss Bulbasaur, it knows Bulbasaur Attack and Tackle. Although Tackle is able to be used, Bulbasaur Attack does not do anything.
  • The waves used to be 30.