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Ghost Trial
Stage Chapter: 2
Stage Type Defend the Rare Candy!

Description Edit

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

Noah is given his first trial from Grunt Andrew and Grunt Rob. Noah talks to Pikachy that he is one step closer to finding his Mom. (Misty)

Layout Edit

  • Waves: 6
  • Spots: 8
Trials layout

Pokemon Edit

Zubat is between level 61-69. Golbat is level 100.

Picture Name Rarity Wave Version
041 normal icon Zubat Boss 1-6 Alpha / Omega
042 normal icon Golbat Boss 1 Alpha / Omega

Secrets Edit

You must first beat the level before you are able to activate this secret. Have atleast 1 poison type (can be elemental) into your team and Zubats get replaced with Gulpin. Golbat gets replaced by Swalot. Gulpin is catchable.

Picture Name Rarity Wave Version
316 normal icon Gulpin Common 1-6 Alpha / Omega
317 normal icon Swalot Boss 1 Alpha / Omega

Stage Mechanics Edit

Many Zubat/Gulpin will come out of Start 1, get buffed by Golbat/Swalot, and then rush towards the exit. Zubat/Gulpin will continue to alternate starting positions. The sphere spray from Golbat can raise the speed and Sp. Defense of Zubat (or Gulpin). It is a buff that can be counteracted by debuffs. Don't bother attacking Golbat / Swalot because it will rush down the path after the last wave. 

Golbat / Swalot uses a Baton Pass kind of move passing their buffs to the Zubats / Gulpins. You can debuff the Golbat / Swalot and they will pass debuffs instead. 

Strategies Edit

Listed below are some possible strategies to beat this level. Information is for reference only, and is not 100% guarantee of success.

General StrategyEdit

Etrotta's StrategyEdit

  • Unless your Golem is too low-level, 100% success
  • Have a high-level Golem (at least that knows Stealth Rock)
  • Have a Ninjask

Use Ninjask's [note: change ability to Speed Boost Agility and Swords Dance, then when it get +6 speed +6 attack, use Baton Pass, then just use Golem's Stealth Rock to kill the Zubats (use at the middle)

Shows StrategyEdit

  • Use 3 rock elemental Pokemon with stealth rock. One of them should be your main attacker with AncientPower & Stone Edge.
  • Have 2-3 Pokemon with moves such as Tailwind, Helping Hand, etc.
  • Use the move Sandstorm. (Not necessarily needed to beat the level, but should help abit)

Cheyon's StrategyEdit

Xdragonaite's Strategy Edit

  • Have two Magneton knowing Zap Cannon sitting on the front spot on each side. It will likely kill many zubats, or paralyses them (and Golbat) if they are not killed.
  • Other pokemons with projectile/ beam moves or buff moves can sit on the central spot.

Another Strategy

  • 3 Golems with Stealth rock (lv 50-60)
  • 2 Pokemon of any level with Scary Face next to the Golbat
  • One Lv50 Raichu with Discharge
  • Just swap the Stealth Rockers around + Raichu while Golbat continuously debuffs the Zubats.