• In Civil War you can set up six Pokemon with Lightningrod or Volt Absorb to absorb attacks and kill the weaker pokemon (don't attack Gyarados). This allows easy elemental farming.

    When farming avoid attacks like Earthquake and Boomburst so you don't kill the elementals.

    Elemental Spinarak is hard to not kill. use slower attacks or weak attacks so it takes multiple shots to kill them.

    Got any other farming tips or questions?

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    • What about Proving? Or Journey?

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    • Sxmjai wrote:
      What about Proving? Or Journey?

      These are normal farming levels. Very easy. I don't think tips are really necessary just play the level normally and wait for an elemental. Though my tip about avoiding attacks like Earthquake still applies.

      Same goes for Growth and secret Growth.

      If you have a more specific question I would be happy to answer but I can't imagine what problem you could be having on those levels.

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    • I can see a special strat being needed for Truth due to the Boss Bulbasaur...

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    • Thought of a Pichu tip! Pichu can't win the level for some reason so you don't actually need to defend. This makes grinding much faster and easier. The tiny amount of XP they give isn't worth the time spent sending your Pokemon out.

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    • wrote:
      I can see a special strat being needed for Truth due to the Boss Bulbasaur...

      Not really. It's tedious to move your pokemon from the Bulbasaur to the main play area but I don't think there is any strategy to help with that besides having a lot of firepower. If you are high leveled you could let 1 or 2 Pokemon fight Bulbasaur and the rest to defend to save a bit of time.

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