• I just pulled it off with 6 Pokemon below level 40!

    Level 34 Kingler (Mud Shot to slow Kyogre down)

    Level 36 Lanturn (Electro Ball; takes advantage of Mud Shot slowing Kyogre down For Massive Damage)

    Level 36 Venusaur (Razor Leaf has a high Critical Hit rate; Leech Seed is a good optional move for extra damage)

    Level 36 Bug Elemental Mewtwo (Confusion; highly effective against the Tentacool)

    Level 37 Dark Elemental Moltres (Ancient Power/Wing Attack; Ancient Power is the key to this with it's across-the-board stat buff)

    Level 38 Steel Elemental Zapdos (Ancient Power/Thundershock; Paralyzing Kyogre is a MUST!)

    If anyone can get this done with levels lower than this, hats off to you because it took Zapdos scoring three consecutive Critcal Hits to take the Sea Basin Pokemon down!

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