About Edit

Secrets is a new mechanic introduced in version 1.3. They unlock secret waves if you match the requirements for each Secret in each Level.

You can get a hint from each secret by the Secret Button in the Level Select Screen


List of Secrets Edit

Chapter Introduction Edit

Future Secrets:

  • Where 2 or more Pichu are gather many more will come (Have 2 or more Pichu in your party, and the waves will be replaced with Pichu!)

Rescue Secrets:

  • Geodude are attracted to Elemental Rock and Ground energy. (Have a Rock or Ground Elemental in your team, and Geodude will spawn.)

Truth Secrets:

  • Fire Pokemon are more likely to come out when they sense an Elemental Energy that they are strong against. (Have either a Grass, Steel, Ice, or Bug Elemental in your team and go to the level).

Chapter 2

Growth (Level) Secrets:

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