# 123 Scyther
Ordinary sprites
123 normal icon 123 shiny icon 123 shadow icon
Elemental sprites
123 elemental bug icon 123 elemental dark icon 123 elemental dragon icon 123 elemental electric icon 123 elemental fairy icon 123 elemental fighting icon
123 elemental fire icon 123 elemental flying icon 123 elemental ghost icon 123 elemental grass icon 123 elemental ground icon 123 elemental ice icon
123 elemental normal icon 123 elemental poison icon 123 elemental psychic icon 123 elemental rock icon 123 elemental steel icon 123 elemental water icon
Bug-Type icon Flying-Type icon
Base Stats
HP 70
Attack 110
Defense 80
Sp. Atk 55
Sp. Def 80
Speed 105
122 normal icon
124 normal icon
Mr. Mime Jynx

Description Edit

Scyther is a bipedal, insectoid creature. It is primarily green with cream accents between its three body segments. On the back of its somewhat reptilian head are three points, and it has narrow eyes. Its forearms consist of large, white scythes, which it uses for hunting as well as fighting. On its thighs are spikes of fur, and it has three clawed toes on its large feet. Two pairs of cream-colored wings extend from its back. While these wings do allow Scyther to fly, it is rarely seen doing so. The abdomen of a female will be slightly larger than that of the male.

Scyther's blade-like forearms are capable of slicing through logs, and become sharper by cutting through hard materials. Using swift movements, it camouflages itself and enhances the effectiveness of its scythes. The anime has shown that wild Scyther form groups. If a challenger Scyther wins a battle against the leader of the Scyther swarm, the original Scyther leader will depart and the challenger will take place as the new leader. It has also been shown that some Scyther despise the color red, and become aggressive when confronted with this color. Although it is rare, Scyther can be found in grasslands.

Location Edit

Evolution Edit

Scyther Scizor
123 normal icon
Trade while holding Metal Coat

212 normal icon

Ability Edit

  • Swarm: Powers up Bug-type moves under 1/3 of maximum HP.
  • Technician: Powers up the Pokemon's weaker moves.
  • Steadfast: Raises Speed each time when Pokemon flinches.


For Elemental moves learnable by Elemental Scyther, refer to this page.
Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
0 Vacuum Wave Fighting-Type Special move 40 1s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.
0 Quick Attack Normal-Type Physical move 40 1.06s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.
0 Leer Normal-Type Status move --- 2.4s --- 100% 100% Single
Reduces target's Defense by 1.
5 Focus Energy Normal-Type Status move --- 6s Can't Miss --- Self
9 Pursuit Dark-Type Physical move 40(80) 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Move power will be doubled if target is slower than user (Speed debuff also counts).
13 False Swipe Normal-Type Physical move 40 1.2s 100% --- Single
17 Agility Psychic-Type Status move --- 3.6s --- Can't Miss 100% Self
Raises user's Speed by 2.
21 Wing Attack Flying-Type Physical move 60 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.
25 Fury Cutter Bug-Type Physical move 20 1.2s 95% --- Single
29 Slash Normal-Type Physical move 70 1.2s 100% --- Single
33 Razor Wind Normal-Type Special move 80 3s 100% --- Around
37 Double Team Normal-Type Status move --- 2.4s --- Can't Miss 100% Self
Raises user's Evasion by 1.
41 X-Scissor Bug-Type Physical move 80 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.
45 Night Slash Dark-Type Physical move 70 1.2s 100% --- Single
49 Double Hit Normal-Type Physical move 35+35 1.2s --- 90% --- Single
Hit targets twice in each attack.
53 Air Slash Flying-Type Special move 75 1.2s --- 95% 30% Single
Might cause target to flinch.
57 Swords Dance Normal-Type Status move --- 3.6s --- Can't Miss 100% Self
Raises user's Attack by 2.
61 Feint Normal-Type Physical move 30 0.9s --- 100% --- Single
Attack always strikes on target regardless of protection (not include Evasiveness). The effect of protection moves will be removed.

Damage TakenEdit

For the type weakness of Elemental Scyther, refer to this page.
Main article: List of Pokemon Weaknesses
Normal-Type2 Fighting-Type2 Flying-Type2 Poison-Type2 Ground-Type2 Rock-Type2 Bug-Type2 Ghost-Type2 Steel-Type2 Fire-Type2 Water-Type2 Grass-Type2 Electric-Type2 Psychic-Type2 Ice-Type2 Dragon-Type2 Dark-Type2 Fairy-Type2 Shadow-Type2
Dx1 Dx0.25 Dx2 Dx1 Dx0 Dx4 Dx0.5 Dx1 Dx1 Dx2 Dx1 Dx0.25 Dx2 Dx1 Dx2 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx

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