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Stage Chapter: Introduction
Stage Type Retrieve 5 Razor Fangs

Description Edit

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

Rob, Iza's father is out of money, pokemon, and antidote, he has Pichu help him retrieve some from the Ariados nest, but something's wrong, Rob and Erica want to save Noah, but they have a problem with Ash, and his history. Rob and Pichu make some more antidote with Ariados Fangs, and save Noah. Noah goes home and tells Ash everything, Ash recognizes the house, and forbids Noah from going there.

Layout Edit

  • Waves: 5

Pokemon Edit

Alpha Level Wave Omega Level Wave
167Spinarak2 Spinarak 12 1-5 167Spinarak2 Spinarak 12 1-5
168Ariados2 Ariados (Uncatchable) 20 2-5 168Ariados2 Ariados (Uncatchable) 20 2-5

Spinarak only respawn once all of them are defeated.


  • Rod can also spawn as an elemental, but he is uncatchable. User:Bluntflame was lucky enough to find a Flying elemental Rod ! 
    Rod elemental