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Stage Chapter: 2
Stage Type Defend 5 Rare Candies!

Description Edit

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

Noah is thinking deeply about hearing the truth about his mother, Misty being alive. Pikachu asks if he is okay. He wants to ask his dad Ash Ketchum about the truth, but then he wont admit it. He wants to ask that man with the Darkrai. He plans to infiltrate Team Rocket but then he plans to pretend to join Team Rocket and get information. He thinks that Lance could help him.

Noah then left Lance a message and is waiting for a response. A few hours later, Lance arrives with his Dragonair. Noah then tells Lance about his plan. Lance says that the Team Rocket person's name is actually Raven. Lance says that Noah must prove his skills to him before he goes to "join" Team Rocket. Their test will be on Mt. Chimney.

Layout Edit

  • Waves: 20
  • Spots: 19
  • Candy: 5
Plans layout

Pokemon Edit

The common Pokemon are between level 36 and 44, while the boss Pokemon are level 81.

Picture Name Rarity Wave Version
324 normal icon Torkoal Common 2, 3, 4 Alpha / Omega
324 normal icon Torkoal Boss 2, 18 Alpha / Omega
257 normal icon Blaziken Boss 6, 19 Alpha / Omega
255 normal icon Torchic Common 6, 7, 8 Alpha / Omega
323 normal icon Camerupt Boss 10, 20 Alpha / Omega
322 normal icon Numel Common 10, 11, 12 Alpha / Omega
338 normal icon Solrock Common 14, 15, 16 Alpha / Omega
338 normal icon Solrock Boss 14, 20 Alpha / Omega

Stage Mechanics Edit

This stage may take a while and a few trials to complete - so be patient and alert for obstacles.

There are two horizontal paths in the stage, at the end merging together with 5 candies. The top path spawns bosses, the bottom path spawns minions.

The path can be divided into three sections, and three spots are available in each section.

Magma rocksEdit

During the stages at any time, magma rocks may fall on any spots. Watch out for the falling magma rocks - your pokemon will faint when it hits. It will starts as a wide black shadow, and about 2 seconds later, a rock will land, broken into smaller pieces and disappear.

Magma rocks

The falling magma rocks in Plans. 1 Hit KO

**The smaller pieces are still able to kill your pokemon, so return the pokemon only when the whole thing has disappeared.


Each bosses have a signature move that may buff itself or debuff your pokemons.

All bosses will not attack your pokemons directly.

In the final waves, all bosses will show up. So be prepared to handle all below at the same time.

  • Torkoal (ability: Shell Armor) will use a move that sets its Special Defense and Defense as +6.
  • Blaziken (ability: Speed Boost) will stop for a moment and then raises its speed and evasion. While it stops it is invulnerable to all moves.
  • Camerupt will trigger a Explosion that damage all your pokemons and enemies on battlefield . Your pokemon will suffer from damage about 30% of max HP.
  • Solrock (ability: Levitate) will stop and then use Flash to lower Accuracy of all your pokemons.


Having trouble avoiding everything? Use the pause button to stop time and move your pokemon so that they don't get hit!

Strategy Edit

Shows' Strategy Edit

Rock Ninjask with AncientPower, Baton Pass, X-Scissor

Have a Regular Magcargo with Shell Smash, Earth Power, Rock Slide, Flamethrower.

At least a Seadra /Seaking (Dragon Elemental) with Dragon Tail, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump and Focus Energy. Or any other water type that's a Dragon Elemental with Dragon Tail works.

A Poison Elemental / Rock Elemental for stealth rocks and toxic spikes

Lanturn with Hydro Pump, Confuse Ray and ThunderWave. Thunder Wave will be NECESSARY! You will be using it on all of the Boss Pokemon (Except Camerupt), especially on Blaziken.

-PTD3- 112:44

-PTD3- 1.9 How to beat Plans

I made a video on how to beat the level. Hopefully it will showcase my strategy some more.

Xdragonaite's Strategy Edit

Some pokemons below may be good to use:

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