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Pain Split
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Move information:
Normal-Type icon Status move Single target icon
Power icon --- Cooldown icon 10s Accuracy icon C.M.
Additional Effects:
(100% chance)

The user compares HP totals with its target and tries to make them equal.


Sets user's and target's % health equal to their average.
Does not work on targets with lower % health

Move TemplateEdit

Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target

Pain Split Normal-Type Status move --- 10s Can't Miss 100% Single

Learned ByEdit

Level UpEdit

Pokemon that learn Pain Split by levelup
Picture Name Level
200 normal icon Misdreavus Level 32
429 normal icon Mismagius Level 39
577 normal icon Solosis Level 33
578 normal icon Duosion Level 34
579 normal icon Reuniclus Level 34
607 normal icon Litwick Level 55
608 normal icon Lampent Level 61
609 normal icon Chandelure Level 61
650 normal icon Chespin Level 45
651 normal icon Quilladin Level 52
652 normal icon Chesnaught Level 52
710 normal icon Pumpkaboo Level 42
711 normal icon Gourgeist Level 42

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