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Stage Chapter: 1
Stage Type Defeat Mawile, Claydol and Swalot!

You cannot use the Pause button in this level.

Description Edit

You can only use 3 Pokemon.

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

In this level, you are competing in the final round of the tournament. You are up against a senior student who taught the students you battled before. You and your opponent are given 3 resistance potions.

Layout Edit

  • Spots: 12
  • Wave: 1
Lessons layout

Pokemon Edit

Claydol , Swalot , and Mawile are all level 42.

Picture Name Rarity Wave Version
344 normal icon Claydol Boss 1 Alpha/Omega
317 normal icon Swalot Boss 1 Alpha/Omega
303 normal icon Mawile Boss 1 Alpha/Omega

Trivia Edit

  • In Update 1.3, Sam gave 5 snds to each profile that beat this level in Update 1.2.

Strategy Edit

After the update, you should have at least 3 pretty strong Pokemon (LV. 30+) that can deal powerful water, psychic, and ground damage. It would also help if you have any stat increasing moves.

Killzonedeath12's Strategy Edit

  • Houndoom - lvl 31 Rock Elemental, use leer untill all are 6+, Then use a combination of Beat Up, Ancient Power, and Fire Fang.
  • Mr. Mime - lvl 33, use Meditate, and Barrier until 6+ then use Psybeam.
  • Pikachu - lvl 27 Use Tail Wip to help Houndoom bring all enemies to 6+, Then use Slam (nuzzle also works).

Etrotta's strategies Edit

Kanishk's Strategy Edit

Follow these steps to beat lvl 10 easily:

  • 1. Use a Gyarados and a Pichu...that's all !
  • 2. Gyarados should have Aqua Tail and Dragon Dance.
  • 3. Pichu is only used for Tail Whip (can also use any other Pokemon that know tail whip).
  • 4. Use Dragon Dance and Tail Whip six times before you start to attack.
  • 5. Use Aqua Tail and it will inflict over 1500 damage.
  • 6. Follow steps 4 and 5 to beat the other 2 pokemon

Hope you like it !!!

haseeb's strategy: Edit

  1. use 1 pokemon at a time
  2. use a pichu lv 30 or higher know's sweet kiss + tail whip
  3. use a butterfree lv 30 or higher knows confosion + bug buzz
  4. use a houndour/houndoom level 30 or higher with fire fang + faint attack
  5. use pichu's sweet kiss on all three opponet's pokemon
  6. use pichu's tail whip on all three opponet's pokemon until it's down to 6
  7. use butterfree's confusion on swalot or butterfree's bug buzz on claydol or houndoom/houndour's faint attack on claydol
  8. defeat the other opponet desides mawile
  9. use the steel risitance potion pokemon to defeat mawile

Dasamont's strategy: Edit

  1. Get a pokemon that can learn Trick-or-treat and Omnious Wind, like Mr. Mime with ghost type.
  2. Use trick-or-treat on all the opposing pokemon.
  3. Use Omnious Wind while dodging the attacks
  4. Watch as the get demolished after 6 stat-increases

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