# 171 Lanturn
Ordinary sprites
171 normal icon 171 shiny icon 171 shadow icon
Elemental sprites
171 elemental bug icon 171 elemental dark icon 171 elemental dragon icon 171 elemental electric icon 171 elemental fairy icon 171 elemental fighting icon
171 elemental fire icon 171 elemental flying icon 171 elemental ghost icon 171 elemental grass icon 171 elemental ground icon 171 elemental ice icon
171 elemental normal icon 171 elemental poison icon 171 elemental psychic icon 171 elemental rock icon 171 elemental steel icon 171 elemental water icon
Water-Type icon Electric-Type icon
Base Stats
HP 125
Attack 58
Defense 58
Sp. Atk 76
Sp. Def 76
Speed 67
Volt Absorb
Water Absorb
170 normal icon
172 normal icon
Chinchou Pichu


Lanturn's light is so bright that it can illuminate the sea’s surface from a depth of over three miles. It is nicknamed “The Deep-Sea Star.” If you peer down into the dark sea from a ship at night, you can sometimes see this Pokémon's light rising from the depths where it swims. It gives the sea an appearance of a starlit night. This Pokémon produces light by causing a chemical reaction between bacteria and its bodily fluids inside the antenna.

It blinds prey with an intense burst of light, then swallows the immobilized prey in a single gulp.



Chinchou Lanturn
170 normal icon
lvl 27

171 normal icon


  • Volt Absorb: Restores HP if Pokemon is hit by Electric moves.
  • Illuminate: Raises the likelihood of meeting wild Pokemon.
  • Water Absorb: Restores HP if Pokemon is hit by Water moves.


For Elemental moves learnable by Elemental Lanturn, refer to this page.
Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
0 Bubble Water-Type Special move 20 1.2s --- 100% 33% Single
Might reduce target's Speed by 1.
0 Supersonic Normal-Type Status move --- 1.8s 55% 100% Single
6 Thunder Wave Electric-Type Status move --- 2.4s --- 100% 100% Single
Paralyzes the target when hit.
9 Flail Normal-Type Physical move 20 1.2s 100% --- Single
12 Water Gun Water-Type Special move 40 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.
17 Confuse Ray Ghost-Type Status move --- 2.4s 100% 100% Single
20 Spark Electric-Type Physical move 65 1.2s --- 100% 30% Single
Might paralyze the target.
23 Take Down Normal-Type Physical move 90 1.2s --- 85% 100% Single
User suffers from 1/4 recoil damage as dealt.
27 Stockpile Normal-Type Status move --- 3.6s Can't Miss 100% Self
27 Swallow Normal-Type Status move --- 3.6s Can't Miss 100% Self
27 Spit Up Normal-Type Special move 100 3.6s 100% --- Single
30 Electro Ball Electric-Type Special move 40(80) 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Move power will be doubled if target is slowed or paralysed.
35 Bubblebeam Water-Type Special move 65 2.4s --- 100% 33% Around
Might reduce target's Speed by 1.
40 Signal Beam Bug-Type Special move 75 1.8s 100% 10% Single
47 Discharge Electric-Type Special move 80 2.4s --- 100% 30% Around
Might paralyze the target.
52 Aqua Ring Water-Type Status move --- 60s Can't Miss 100% Self
57 Hydro Pump Water-Type Special move 120 1.8s --- 80% --- Beam
Normal attack.
64 Charge Electric-Type Status move --- 60s Can't Miss 100% Self

Damage TakenEdit

For the type weakness of Elemental Lanturn, refer to this page.
Main article: List of Pokemon Weaknesses
Normal-Type2 Fighting-Type2 Flying-Type2 Poison-Type2 Ground-Type2 Rock-Type2 Bug-Type2 Ghost-Type2 Steel-Type2 Fire-Type2 Water-Type2 Grass-Type2 Electric-Type2 Psychic-Type2 Ice-Type2 Dragon-Type2 Dark-Type2 Fairy-Type2 Shadow-Type2
Dx1 Dx1 Dx0.5 Dx1 Dx2 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx0.25 Dx0.5 Dx0.5 Dx2 Dx1 Dx1 Dx0.5 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx

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