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Civil War
Stage Chapter: 1
Stage Type Train your pokemon

Description Edit

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

Ash sends Noah to Hoenn so that he gets an education. Grunt Rob and Grunt Andrew are scamming Larry behind a restaurant when Noah and Brock arrive at Vermillion City. After Noah shows his disdain for his father, Brock suggests that they go to the restaurant. Noah then reminds him that they have to get on the ship. The grunts overhear this and plan to get revenge on Noah. Suddenly, a mystery figure appears and the Grunts address her as Miss O. She goes on to say that somebody in Team Rocket is gaining more and more supporters and will change the whole organization. The grunts disagree and claim that the somebody will not become leader. Miss O then reminds them about Team Rocket's policy about no violence and they shrug it off. Later, Noah and Brock enjoy their time on the S.S. Anne and decide to train.

Layout Edit

  • 6 spots
  • 30 waves
  • Training
Journey layout

Pokemon Edit

The common Pokemon are between level 16 and 20, while Kyogre is level 10.

Picture Name Rarity Wave
090 normal icon Shellder Common 1-30
060 normal icon Poliwag Common 1-30
083 normal icon Farfetch'd Uncommon 1-30
118 normal icon Goldeen Common 1-30
116 normal icon Horsea Common 1-30
098 normal icon Krabby Common 1-30
170 normal icon Chinchou Common 1-30
072 normal icon Tentacool Common 1-30
007 normal icon Squirtle Uncommon 1-30
382 normal icon Kyogre Boss 30
Chinchou has a chance of holding Deep Sea Scale.

Horsea has a chance of holding Dragon Scale.

If the Pokemon has an icon next to its level, that means it has an item!