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Stage Chapter: 2
Stage Type Defend your 3 Pokeballs!

Description Edit

You are forced to use only your Last 3 Pokemon.

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

On Route 116, Noah encounters a member of Team Rocket while training. In Plans this member of Team Rocket's name is actually revealed to be Raven.

After trying to confront him, the Team Rocket member sends out a Darkrai. Then he says that there is no good and deserving people. Then Darkrai takes the first three pokemon in your party so you are forced to use your last 3 pokemon. (The taken pokemons are sent back to your storage, not deleted.) Raven knows about Noah's mom, but doesn't like Noah. So he leaves without telling him much, other than...she is still alive.

Layout Edit

Humility layout

Pokemon Edit

The common Pokemon are between level 36 and 44, while the boss Pokemon are level 71

Picture Name Rarity Wave Version
304 normal icon Aron Common 1, 5, 9 Alpha / Omega
336 normal icon Seviper Common 2, 6, 10 Alpha / Omega
331 normal icon Cacnea Common 3, 8, 11 Alpha / Omega
306 normal icon Aggron Boss 4, 13 Alpha / Omega
336 normal icon Seviper Boss 8, 13 Alpha / Omega
332 normal icon Cacturne Boss 12, 13 Alpha / Omega

Stage Mechanics Edit

Keep in mind where each Pokemon spawns at. Start 1 is the Top Left, Start 2 is Middle and Start 3 is Top Right.

Aron and Aggron spawns at the Top Left, Seviper and Boss Seviper spawn in the Middle and Cacnea and Cacturne spawn at the Top Right.

If the Boss Seviper targets your Pokemon, it will shoot a Poison Sting like attack at you and it will 1 shot your pokemon.

Cacturne will use Spiky Shield and will stop for a moment, when it uses Spiky Shield DO NOT ATTACK WITH PHYSICAL MOVES or you will just hurt your pokemon.

Strategy Edit

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

Use a Golem or Graveler and make sure it knows Earthquake for the Aron, Aggron, and Seviper. A Gyarados with Ice Fang and the ability Moxie for Cacnea and Cacturne. Since Gyarados is a flying type, Earthquake doesn't effect him. The last pokemon can be anything, but make sure that it won't be affected by Earthquake .  

Trivia Edit

  • If you only have 3 Pokemon in your first three slots you will automatically lose.