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Heart Stamp
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Move information:
Psychic-Type icon Physical move Single target icon
Power icon 60 Cooldown icon 1.2s Accuracy icon 100%
Additional Effects:
(30% chance)

The user unleashes a vicious blow after its cute act makes the target less wary. It may also make the target flinch.

Move TemplateEdit

Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target

Heart Stamp Psychic-Type Physical move 60 1.2s --- 100% 30% Single
Might cause target to flinch.

Learned ByEdit

Level UpEdit

Pokemon that learn Heart Stamp by levelup
Picture Name Level
124 normal icon Jynx Level 21
238 normal icon Smoochum Level 21
527 normal icon Woobat Level 15
528 normal icon Swoobat Level 15