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Move information:
Ice-Type icon Status move All target icon
Power icon --- Cooldown icon 30s Accuracy icon C.M.
Additional Effects:

The user creates a haze that eliminates every stat change among all the Pokémon engaged in battle.


Removes all buffs and debuffs of all pokemons in battlefield.

Move TemplateEdit

Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target

Haze Ice-Type Status move --- 30s Can't Miss --- All

Learned ByEdit

Level UpEdit

Pokemon that learn Haze by levelup
Picture Name Level
023 normal icon Ekans Level 41
024 normal icon Arbok Level 51
041 normal icon Zubat Level 41
042 normal icon Golbat Level 51
109 normal icon Koffing Level 33
110 normal icon Weezing Level 33
134 normal icon Vaporeon Level 57
169 normal icon Crobat Level 51
194 normal icon Wooper Level 44
195 normal icon Quagsire Level 49
198 normal icon Murkrow Level 11
283 normal icon Surskit Level 37
336 normal icon Seviper Level 43
430 normal icon Honchkrow Level 11
491 normal icon Darkrai Level 57
562 normal icon Yamask Level 9
563 normal icon Cofagrigus Level 9
615 normal icon Cryogonal Level 21
658 normal icon Greninja Level 56
718 normal icon Zygarde Level 44

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