Ghost Trial
Ghost Trial
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Weather Trial
Stage Chapter: 3
Stage Type Defend 5 Rare Candies

Description Edit

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

Noah faces his second trial. Noah is talking to Pikachy once again, stating that these trials are tough. He can't imagine anyone in Team Rocket being able to do these trials. Rob states that this cave is filled with Ghost Pokemon. Andrew might leave for this trial (He might be a coward). Grunt Andrew refers to Noah as Eddy.

Layout Edit

  • Waves: 6
  • Spots: 7
  • Rare Candies: 5
Ghost trial layout

Pokemon Edit

Picture Name Rarity Wave Version
356 normal icon Dusclops Boss 1 (Comes after candy at wave 6) Alpha / Omega
355 normal icon Duskull Common 2 - 6 Alpha / Omega

Stage Mechanics Edit

Dusclops will use a Suction kind of move to get all the Duskull to him. Then on the next wave of Duskull, Dusclops will send back the Duskull he sucked on and boost the Duskull's Speed, Attack, Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense by 6.

However, if you put your Pokémon in this spot, Dusclops will instead suck your Pokémon instead of the Duskull. Your Pokémon will come back, don't worry. But it will come back with +6 speed, attack, defence, special attack and special defence.


Strategies Edit

Shows's StrategyEdit

Xdragonaite's StrategyEdit

  • Have 2 Gengar knowing Shadow Ball. Get them sucked to receive full buff. That will clear out all Duskull easily. Free choice of other 4 Pokémon can be tailored at your preference.

RakuRaken's Strategy Edit

  • Have a Ninjask with Baton Pass or any pokemon with it, like Mawile and let it get buffed by the dusclops and use baton pass.
  • I had Gardevoir and Altaria or any pokemon that has moves that hit pokemon around like Moonblast. I used moonblast with the 6+ stat buffs
  • The other 3 Pokemon are your choice!