First Day
First day level
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Stage Chapter: 1
Stage Type Beat Combusken!

Note: Pause Button is Disabled for this level.

Description Edit

You can only send out 1 Pokemon for this level!

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

Noah arrives at the Trainer School in Rustboro City, where he meets the principal Roxanne. Afterwards, Noah is invited to a tournament where he faces his first opponent, which is a boy named Chuck and his partner Combusken.

Layout Edit

Combusken will be stationed in the middle of the arena where he will shoot fireballs. The Combusken appears to use Reflect to increase his defense in the first few seconds of the fight. Quickly move your Pokemon to the blank spot to avoid damage from the fireballs. When the Combusken is low on health, the speed of the fireballs will increase, making it harder to both deal damage and dodge.
First day layout

Pokemon Edit

Strategy Edit

Killzonedeath12's Strategy Edit

  • Use a Mr.Mime with Psybeam, Meditate ,Barrier, and Light Screen
  • Alternate between Meditate and Barrier until 6+ then use Psybeam. (Remember to watch out for the fireballs.)

Trivia Edit

When using Transform on the Combusken, you will gain the moves Fire Display and Quick Attack. Quick Attack works normally, but Fire Display is a different case. Although fireballs do shoot out from using Fire Display, they are programmed to head towards the Pokemon Spots on the field. This mostly results in the fireballs missing Combusken completely, but if one does travel diagonally, Combusken appears to take no damage.

Another interesting bit of information is that Combusken's defense rises without it knowing the move Reflect, and when Transform is used on it, your Pokemon will also magically have their defense raised.