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Stage Chapter: 3
Stage Type Protect the Flame Plate!

Description Edit

Cutscene coming soon!

Layout Edit

  • Waves: 12
  • Spots: 19
  • Rare Candy: 1 (Flame Plate)

Pokemon Edit

Note: The only pokemon that's really using a move in this level is the Boss Turtonator, which is using Protect.

Picture Name Rarity Wave Version
006 normal icon Charizard Boss 5, 12 Alpha / Omega
485 normal icon Heatran Boss 7, 12 Alpha / Omega
776 normal icon Turtonator Boss 3, 11 Alpha / Omega
006 normal icon Charizard Common 3, 8 Alpha / Omega
485 normal icon Heatran Common 5, 9 Alpha / Omega
776 normal icon Turtonator Common 1, 7 Alpha / Omega

Strategies Edit

Luke's strategy

I just used 5 heatran's that I caught from the level like Marcello"s strategy said to do but I also used a tyranitair with the ability sand strean.

Etrotta's Strategy

I used a Fairy elemental Kyogre (any type should suffice ; just get yours... Alpha's better for special attackers most of the time I think). Make sure to relearn Water Spout and some good elemental moves, for Fairy's example I got Geomancy. Rock types are also good for killing Charizard, and de-buffing / buffing moves are always good.

Team example for the lazy ones

x2 (any elemental) Kyogre [any self-buff possible + Water Spout], Golem x4 [[[Rock Polish]] + Bulldoze + Stealth Rock + Smack Down]

Pkmn_Master_Ru's Strategy Edit

I used 2 rock Kyogre with AncientPower, 2 Fairy Kyogre with Geomancy and Water Spout, and 2 Fire Kyogre with AncientPower and Fire Blast (since Heatran is half steel type, i tried to see if that would work)

Marcello's Strategy Edit

Just catch 6 Heatran from the map itself and they can easily handle it placed in the first 6 spots - Ancient Power to boost up their stats, and switch over to Earth Power when there's a wave of Heatran (although if everyone's already at +6 you can generally handle the heatran with just Ancientpower). Just be sure to rotate your mons into first position to get as many of them to a +6 ancient power boost as possible, and it's easy.

NoTTaScAMM's Strategy Edit

This is mainly to be able to surive long enough to be able catch Heatran to use Marcello's strategy. (Works well btw). What I did to be able to catch the Heatran is a

1x Venusaur w/ SolarBeam

1x Golem w/ Stealth Rock and Magantiue

1x Masquerain w/ Baton Pass and Quiver Dance and air slash

1x Pokemon w/ Aqua Tail (any high level water types just make sure you have aqua tail)

1x Gardevoir w/ Psychic (could be switched I used it because one of my highest levels)

1x Garchomp w/ Dragon Claw (again could be switched on of my highest level pkmn)

Order of Pokemon left to right and top to bottom.

Pokemon with Aqua Tail - Gardevoir - Golem - Garchomp - Venusaur - Masquerain

When the game starts have Masquerain use Quiver Dance and have it's stats raised to 6 then use baton pass. Then try your best to defeat as many Pokemon as you can and if you have to move your Pokemon around to defeat the bosses. Then when the Heatran come catch as many as possible then quit the level and use Marcello's strat.

Trivia Edit

  • When first released, you would originally be suspected of hacking if you caught Heatran.

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