Description of Evolution Edit

In the Pokemon series, Pokemon can be seen evolving in many different ways. When Pokemon evolve, their shape changes, including their stats too. Not only that, evolving can make them learn different moves too. They can also have different abilities too when they evolve and new typing.

In the Pokemon games, when a Pokemon is evolving, you will be seeing a different screen, with the Pokemon evolving. If you press B during the Evolution, the Pokemon stops evolving. In Pokemon Tower Defense, however, there's a "Stop Evolving" button when the Pokemon is evolving.

To prevent Pokemon from evolving, they can hold an item called the Everstone. In PTD2 you can buy the Everstone for 10 Daily Coins or 1 SnD Coin.

There are many ways to evolve Pokemon. The basic way is by reaching a certain level. Other ways are Evolution Stones, Trading, Friendship, and much more.

The Pokemon with many evolutions is Eevee, with friendship, fields, and evolution stones.

There will be a list of Pokemon that can evolve in PTD1, and PTD2 exclusive pokemon. There will also be a method of evolution too in the chart.

Pokemon That Can EvolveEdit

Kanto Edit

Kanto Pokemon
Picture Pokedex # Name Evolution Method
001 normal icon #1 Bulbasaur Evolves at Level 16

Johto PokemonEdit

Johto Pokemon
Picture Pokedex # Name Evolution Method

Hoen Pokemon Edit

Hoen Pokemon
Picture Pokedex # Name Evolution Method

Sinnoh Pokemon Edit

Sinnoh Pokemon
Picture Pokedex # Name Evolution Method

Unova Pokemon Edit

Unova Pokemon
Picture Pokedex # Name Evolution Method

Kalos Pokemon Edit

Kalos Pokemon
Picture Pokedex # Name Evolution Method

Pokemon that CAN'T Evolve Edit

Unevolvable Pokemon
Kanto Pokemon Johto Pokemon Hoen Pokemon Sinnoh Pokemon Unova Pokemon Kalos Pokemon
#083 Farfetch'd #201 Unown #302 Sableye #417 Pachirisu #531 Audino #676 Furfrou
# Kangaskhan # Girafarig # Mawile # Chatot # Throh # Hawlucha
# Pinsir # Dunsparce # Plusle # Spiritomb # Sawk # Dedenne

Trivia Edit

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