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Double Hit
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Move information:
Normal-Type icon Physical move Single target icon
Power icon 35+35 Cooldown icon 1.2s Accuracy icon 90%
Additional Effects:

The user slams the target with a long tail, vines, or tentacle. The target is hit twice in a row.


Strikes twice per attack.

Move TemplateEdit

Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target

Double Hit Normal-Type Physical move 35+35 1.2s --- 90% --- Single
Hit targets twice in each attack.

Learned ByEdit

Level UpEdit

Pokemon that learn Double Hit by levelup
Picture Name Level
084 normal icon Doduo Level 32
110 normal icon Weezing Level 39
115 normal icon Kangaskhan Level 19
123 normal icon Scyther Level 49
190 normal icon Aipom Level 32
203 normal icon Girafarig Level 32
212 normal icon Scizor Level 49
424 normal icon Ambipom Level 32
473 normal icon Mamoswine Level 33
634 normal icon Zweilous Level 0

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