# 065 Alakazam
Ordinary sprites
065 normal icon 065 shiny icon 065 shadow icon
Elemental sprites
065 elemental bug icon 065 elemental dark icon 065 elemental dragon icon 065 elemental electric icon 065 elemental fairy icon 065 elemental fighting icon
065 elemental fire icon 065 elemental flying icon 065 elemental ghost icon 065 elemental grass icon 065 elemental ground icon 065 elemental ice icon
065 elemental normal icon 065 elemental poison icon 065 elemental psychic icon 065 elemental rock icon 065 elemental steel icon 065 elemental water icon
Psychic-Type icon
Base Stats
HP 55
Attack 50
Defense 45
Sp. Atk 135
Sp. Def 95
Speed 120
Inner Focus
Magic Guard
064 normal icon
066 normal icon
Kadabra Machop

Description Edit

Alakazam is characterized by its humanoid structure and large mustache. The female Alakazam has a significantly shorter mustache than the male. Its snout is long and thin, and it has long, ear-like spikes extending from the back of its head. Additional spike protrude from each cheek. Covering its yellow, skeletal body are brown armor-like sections over its chest, shoulders, forearms and knees. There are three toes on each foot, each of which has a white claw. It wields a silver spoon in each hand, which act as amplifiers for its psychic abilities. Alakazam is able to lower the accuracy of its opponents by bending the spoons it wields, using its signature move Kinesis .

Location Edit

Evolution Edit

Abra Kadabra Alakazam
063 normal icon
Level 16

064 normal icon

065 normal icon

Ability Edit


For Elemental moves learnable by Elemental Alakazam, refer to this page.
Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
0 Teleport Psychic-Type Status move --- 6s Can't Miss --- Self
0 Kinesis Psychic-Type Status move --- 2.4s 80% 100% Around
16 Confusion Psychic-Type Special move 50 1.2s 100% 10% Single
18 Disable Normal-Type Status move --- 48s 100% --- Single
22 Miracle Eye Psychic-Type Status move --- 2.4s --- Can't Miss 100% Single
Removes target's Evasion buff.
Psychic moves can hit if target is Dark-type.
24 Ally Switch Psychic-Type Status move --- 6s Can't Miss --- Ally
28 Psybeam Psychic-Type Special move 65 1.2s 100% 10% Single
30 Reflect Psychic-Type Status move --- 60s Can't Miss --- Ally
34 Telekinesis Psychic-Type Status move --- 1.2s Can't Miss --- Single
36 Recover Normal-Type Status move --- 60s Can't Miss 100% Self
40 Psycho Cut Psychic-Type Physical move 70 1.2s 100% --- Single
42 Calm Mind Psychic-Type Status move --- 3.6s Can't Miss 100% Self
46 Psychic Psychic-Type Special move 90 1.2s --- 100% 33% Single
Might reduce target's Special Defense by 1.
48 Future Sight Psychic-Type Special move 100 1.2s 100% --- Single
52 Trick Psychic-Type Status move --- 60s Can't Miss --- Single

Damage TakenEdit

For the type weakness of Elemental Alakazam, refer to this page.
Main article: List of Pokemon Weaknesses
Normal-Type2 Fighting-Type2 Flying-Type2 Poison-Type2 Ground-Type2 Rock-Type2 Bug-Type2 Ghost-Type2 Steel-Type2 Fire-Type2 Water-Type2 Grass-Type2 Electric-Type2 Psychic-Type2 Ice-Type2 Dragon-Type2 Dark-Type2 Fairy-Type2 Shadow-Type2
Dx1 Dx0.5 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx2 Dx2 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx0.5 Dx1 Dx1 Dx2 Dx1 Dx

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